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About us

What is MegaDAO?

MegaDAO is a decentralized investment platform developed and operated based on the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) mechanism. The right to coordinate as well as the benefits of business and investment activities belong to the community of MegaDAOtoken holders.


Application of MegaDAO token

Join the investment and enjoy benefits with MegaDAO token

Participate in the candidacy for CEO and receive rewards from DAO Management Rewards

Voting for projects to increase investment opportunities from MegaDAO

Join the lock to vote for the CEO and receive the reward shared from the CEO

Use for payment in the ecosystem of projects that MegaDAO invests

Powering the MegaDAO Chain platform (from the second quarter of 2023)


Projects that MegaDAO invests in

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange CEX / DEX - Blockchain Platform
  • Metaverse, GameFi
  • Lottery platform, online betting
  • Blockchain application projects in real life

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The most outstanding points of MegaDAO

  • Decentralized investment fund, managed by the community and for the benefit of the whole community
  • Develop and benefit from unlimited models, not affected by trends
  • Management model of 21 CEOs is highly competitive, gathering global intelligence 
  • MegaDAO token is applied in the entire investment ecosystem


             The picture below illustrates the allocation methodology